Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tiananmen Square & The Forbidden City

Bejing, China

This would be Tiananmen Squre (2 pics above). Chairmen Mao's famous painting is re-painted every year (i  think, every year) by the same artist, and all the old ones are kept in a huge storage room. For what, or their reasoning, i havent the faintest idea. In the building that Mao's painting hangs on, is a museum about him and his tomb. Apperently, people line up for hours and hours just to see his tomb.

Changing of the Guard
They are located on the edge of Tiananmen Square, by the street, straight across from Mao's painting & the building.  I belive they guard Mao's tomb ( i think, i think, i think).
The three guards who will replace the others for an hours(?) time.

The three who have been replaced, by the other three. It is apperently a great honor to be chosen to guard. As a standard, they all have to be about 6" and I think you must be chosen.
 This is across the street, walking to the Forbidden City, the guards have their quarters here. My dad got this picture of them playing pool   :D

The Forbidden City

The day we went to Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City, it was exrutiatingly hot. Actually, the whole time i was in China, they were having a heat wave. So it was just hot all around. You stepped out and started sweating. But about The Forbidden City, it was quite repetitive. You walked through one building and across the courtyard (or whatever you want to call it, huge stone slab of ground : D) , is an almost identical building and beyond that is another one... and so on.The last photograph, if you look to the left, you can see all the buildings in the distance. And its not like you can say "meh, i've seen enough, i'll meet you guys at the end". Nope, the only exit is like 5 (i didnt count how many) buildings and stone courtyards away.
Not to say i didnt find it interesting, i suppose it was, but when you're stuck there in 100+ degree weather, with a thousand other people, and all the buildings look the same, its hard and grueling. But im glad i went, wether it was just to say i was there, or not.

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