Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cultural Notes: Pooping Baby! plus bonus about water

Bejing, China.

         The day i flew into China, we went across the street from our hotel to pick up some bottled water.

*Side Note; the water in China that comes through the tap, isnt safe to drink or get in your system beause it hasnt been purified. So in the shower, its best not to get it on your face, and when getting ready in the morning, washing your face, brushing your teeth, whatever you use water for, its best to use bottled water. If you do happen to get it in your system, it can cause disease because of all the bacteria, that havent been taken out. People who live in China, their systems are used to this bacteria because they've been living with it since they were a baby and have developed immunities to some of the diseases.*

         After crossing the street, my friend exclaims "eww! look ! the baby's just taking a shit by the side of the parking lot!" So i look, and sure enough, a little baby is squating, leaving a little poop pile. And the baby's (what looked like) grandmother is just patiently waiting. When we came out of the store a while later, we saw like 5 poop piles. It was rather cute and funny. We sure knew where those came from. Definatly not something we're used to seeing everyday, so it came a shock. Its just one of the many cultural differences China has.

          I've decided that im going to have scattered posts titled "cultural notes", regarding the cultural differences i notice/experience in China. I have so many.


:. Maddieson .: said...

Oh my gosh haha my grandpa was talking about water and FACT: he said they just shit in the streets hahaha wow that is such a coincidence [however you spell that] ha anywho you made my day !!

Murphy said...

Haha, that was such a random fact of the day! I would love for you to keep on with the cultural difference thing- I'm sure there are loads more interesting things! x

Sapphire Black said...

yea, I remember my parents telling stories about this. They also saw a really old lady carrying a full sized refrigerator on her back. As nice as you please. She wasn't struggling at all. kinda cool :)
keep up your blogging!