Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Bejing, China

the 2 above are from my hotel room

This is Bejing.
Its proabably the biggest city i've ever been in (i'm not sure if Chicago is bigger.. i doubt it), with an estimated 17 million people, and it felt like just that, GINORMOUS. Downtown Bejing was expansive. It just went on and on. And all the people....

It seemed like everyone who owned a car in the ctiy, either had an Audi or a BMW. And they were always black. I was suprised at that, they all had really, super nice cars. It was interesting, litterally, they were EVERYWHERE. On every road, street and hywy in Bejing.

If i was from a bigger ctiy, i guess i wouldnt feel the need to mention it, but, as comes with every city with millions, the traffic was bad all the time, all over. Except super super early in the morning like when i took the 2 pics above from my hotel room. That was maybe 4 in the morning, we had lots of early flights.

I tried Peking Duck. It tased like chicken.

We only saw little tiny dogs. No big golden retrievers. Only in Guilin, at 10:30 at night did i see big dogs (i was out with friends, we were in a local excercise park for people, but i guess three big dogs were there with their owner).

Trying to cross the streets are treacherous. Cars, bikes, and all moving traffic arent required to stop for pedestrians. So if you're stepping out, you have to be extremely wary, and its best to go with a group, of course, there's so many people in Bejing, that you could probably go without a group and still be crossing with a group

There is so much beeping. It was like, constant beeping whenever you heard the traffic.When a car beeps, its not because they're pissed. They could just be trying to let you know they're there. Or they're in a hurry. There's probably lots of reasons.

I was suprised at how much english there was. I guess it makes sense though because they Olympics were just there.

A lot of this stuff overlaps with all the cities i went to (ha! not Hong Kong- wait for my post on HK). Like the traffic situation applies all over. When i do my wrap up on my trip, i'll do more of this culture stuff i noticed in general all over China.

Okay, so here's the thing. As much as i loved my trip to China, i'd love to be able to get back to blogging about things i want, and not just about my trip. I've shared most of the famous places i went to in China though im going to skip the Terracotta Soliders, they werent as interesting to me, and pretty much what you see is what it is.  So i've decided im going to finish the posts with one about Guanzhou, and Hong Kong. And then my wrap up/ all in all post about China. 'Cause i have so many more things i want to share on my blog with you.

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