Saturday, June 25, 2011

leaving you with... (Du Juan+a love story+Pottermore+wisewords)

So this week, I will be venturing to Door County, WI - the penninsula of Wisconsin in Lake Michigan and spending a week there. We go every summer and meet friends there so I'm very excited! I will be gone for a week, but not without leaving you with...

1. stunning & glamerous photos of Chinese supermodel, Du Juan

2. An adorable & hilarious love story

Click here for the entire entertaining story

 3. Something I'm super excited about is the announcement J.K Rowling made on Thursday...

A once mysterious website by J.K Rowling called Pottermore is now revealed and will be open to all this
October! Check it out HP fans ;D

For more about Pottermore click here

4. Lastly, I will leave you for the week with...


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

dream workspace

It has never been a desire of mine to be confined to an office and desk for work, but if my officespace looked like this...

...I might reconsider

The building, designed by Giorgio Possenti, looks like a fresh,  luxurious and modern, workspace haven. I love the floor length windows that display lush greenery, the crisp whiteness of the room, the sky high ceiling and most of all, the fact that the 'cubicle' if you will, is suspended far off the ground in midair. This is truly a dream workspace. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

lets wake up our imagination

So tell me imagination...
...who are these people?

Are they... risk-takers, famous, freightened, carefree, royalty,  heartbroken, adventerous, being hunted, avarage, dreamers, or lovers?

Where do they come from, and where are they going? 

What is it their heart most deisres?

{all artwork my natalia maroz}

Thursday, June 16, 2011

its burning to the ground

How many of you have seen the website The Burning House? Its been making the rounds and I find the concept completely fascinating. I've never really thought about what I would take with me if, my house were to, god forbbid, start burning to the ground, destryoing my life in belongings.

This website is reader submitted, each reader submits a picture of the collection of belongings that they would save in the emergency of a fire. Here are some;

Lol, I love the Harry Potter books too, but those are repaceable

Adorable kitten!

As to what I would take, first and foremost I would save our four kitties, and then move on to my personal stuff.
So here's the picture of stuff I would save!

             > That flower picture currently hangs in my room next to my bed. It is made with cray pas (an oily kind of crayon that is stickier)  on white paper, so that black is entirely colored. I made it in 7th grade art class and absolutly LOVE it. I'm  oh so proud of it :D 

             > My grandmother gave me that white dove necklace, up close there is a lot more detail, but you get the idea. I'm really close to my grandma and that  necklace is honestly one of my favorites. When I asked her where she got it ( I think she was cleaning, found it and then proceeded to give it to me) she said she didn't remember so who knows where she picked it up. But I treasure it.

             > Ahhh, my diaries. Honestly, if I only had time to grab a few things, those would be it. I've been keeping a diary since 2nd grade (the first entry date is March 2002) and my entire life is recorded in those journals, my thoughts, emotions, reflections etc. I want to be able to read back on what was going on in my life. 

              The viola ! Yeah I would do my best to save this thing. Its pretty expensive and I'm used to my instrument (sizeing, sound, feel, strings etc) . Plus, I would still  have rehearsal and I'd really rather not have to borrow and instrument and buying a new one would take time and energy and I think dealing with a fire would be more important than a new viola...

              > Lastly, the shirt that I got in Hong Kong last summer. It's got a unique Hong Kong feel to it and is one of my favorite shirts.
              > Not pictured, but things that I would bring would be my journal I kept in China, and my ipod. The journal because I really didnt record much in my main diaries, and my ipod because all my music is on there, and it would take a lot to re-get the music. And I listen to music like 24/7 so it would be a nice thing to have after the trauma of a fire.

So... what would you save? And be sure to visit the actual website that also includes people's reasoning for the saving items in their picture.

Monday, June 13, 2011

floating among the stars

This painting captures an aura that I find very appealing.
It reminds me of the hotel rooftop pool in Hong Kong like 30 stories high. Swimming at night and gazing up at the stars.
 Looking up, the stars seem within reach.
Its a chill, carefree, urban, delightful aura.

The painting is by Jessica Williams, click here for more of her work

Sunday, June 12, 2011

living is to be treasured

I came across this blog and discovered this quote

"Dying is a small price to pay to live"

When I think about death, I really only see it as a change. Humans are naturaly avert to change and death is only scary because what lies beyond is unknown. Fear of the unknown right? Its kind of like a giant wall that divides people, no one on either side can see over to the other, or know what goes on. When someone dies, they pass through the wall and enter a new space, and become a new presence. And as for the sadness the death of someone or something induces in us, you have to understand that death is inevitable and will happen to everyone and everything and its what the they got out of life that matters. Its how much they treausred and savored life's pleasures and wonders.

Life is so wonderful and I hurt for all the people who cannot enjoy it. Life gives us so many exhilarating opportunities that sweep us off our feet and show us how lucky we are to be able to experience this earth. 

the  excerpt ;
"You look at the sky, you look at your world, you look at everything, and realize dying is a small price to pay to live"

Saturday, June 11, 2011

lets get together

I have recently come across a website that is entirely amusing and fun to scroll through. I highly reccomend you visit this site.
It is titled Awsome People Hanging Out Together and below are some of my favorites.

Prince William, Kanye West, Prince Harry, P.Diddy

Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly

Madonna, Sting, 2Pac

And as for these awsome old famous men, you'll just have to visit the site and see for yourself

late morning notes

Good day all!
I hope everyone had a pleasant evening and early morning. My family and I started our day off sleeping in (slightly) and then we rode our bikes around a relatively small lake which was quite refreshing. The weather was good, cool and overcast which is the type of weather I, in fact really like. Its very serene and calm.

'Rainbow' is a very chill, relaxing song by Oh Land that I think everyone should take time to listen to. I currently prefer the acoustic version.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Okay. So maybe its not summer for you but it is for me!
That means no school, and back to 'full time' blogging for me !!
Something I am VERY excited to get back to.

Here are just some pictures that remind me of summer

 lazy hammock daydreams

Delicious popcicles & ice cream

Amusing adventures with friends

Peaceful early mornings

An abundance of sun, swimsuits and water

Late nights for dancing

Reading lots of books & magazines


Oh, I am so ready! And so ready to get back to more regular blogging! And I think im going to make some adjustments to my blog layout/features. We shall see. All in good time, all in good time. Something that summer gives plenty of.

And two summer flicks I am dying to see are Super 8 -> I love sci-fi and adventure and Midnight in Paris -> France is my dream . Both are made by big time directors so they should be pretty amazing. Any reviews?

Well then my little pretties (as the wicked witch of the west said) until tommorow!!!