Sunday, June 12, 2011

living is to be treasured

I came across this blog and discovered this quote

"Dying is a small price to pay to live"

When I think about death, I really only see it as a change. Humans are naturaly avert to change and death is only scary because what lies beyond is unknown. Fear of the unknown right? Its kind of like a giant wall that divides people, no one on either side can see over to the other, or know what goes on. When someone dies, they pass through the wall and enter a new space, and become a new presence. And as for the sadness the death of someone or something induces in us, you have to understand that death is inevitable and will happen to everyone and everything and its what the they got out of life that matters. Its how much they treausred and savored life's pleasures and wonders.

Life is so wonderful and I hurt for all the people who cannot enjoy it. Life gives us so many exhilarating opportunities that sweep us off our feet and show us how lucky we are to be able to experience this earth. 

the  excerpt ;
"You look at the sky, you look at your world, you look at everything, and realize dying is a small price to pay to live"


Lauren said...

How true. Sometimes people find me very insensitive on the subject of death. It's sad to lose people, but we have a strange reaction to it considering it happens to all of us. I don't want to spend my whole life afraid of dying when it should be thing encouraging us to live more.

Abby said...

Such a beautiful response! I'm glad you were inspired :) And i think you are exactly right.