Saturday, June 19, 2010

I will return

My darling blog followers (since my blog is so new, and im so crazy about it, everytime i see a new "follower" i get a burst of happyness, so thank you!), im rather sorry to have to part with my blog for a little bit. I am headed off to Door County for a fun, relaxing week with friends and family. I really do hate leaving it, its like my baby i guess (: im super excited about it and as you can see, i've been posting multiple times a day and have spent many more hours checking out other blogs and updating mine. But to get you through,     (i know, its tough not having lots posts from me everyday haha), i have added two new gadgets.

Color in Motion, is an animation of the colors! i believe it was a project or some sort, but i first saw it in 2nd grade when my art teacher showed it to us. i think its so cute and creative! so check it out!
p.s. the "movie" is the really cool animation i posted that i had coming up in my first post

Secondly, the video, its the campaign ad for Giorgio Armani's new scent Acqua di Gioia. I think it literaly translates to "water of joy" but i dont know, im not italien. actaully i was friends with an italien exchange student this year, she was really cool. but thats beside the point. so i think this ad is so beautiful and inspiring (as the title says), and the music adds just the right emotion. the music, if you want to look it up, is called "arrival of the birds" preformed by the cinematic orchestra. type in "arrival of the birds" on youtube and search it and it will be the first video. more inspiring and emtional music in a later post that  i want to do. anyways, apperently the ad was filmed in Hawaii. The model is the one i was going to post about (i still will) that i promised in my first post , her name is Emily Didonato. she's only 19! anyways, i think she has the most beautiful eyes. And feel free to go to armani's website and watch it there or youtube where it will be bigger.

Allrighty my lovelies. i  am gone for a week and then about 4 days later i fly off to China for 2 weeks! I'll be back home around July 14 and when i post again i will DEFINATLY post pictures of my trip. So do look at those 2 new "gadgets". Bon Voyage to me!

p.s sorry for my irregular capitalization at the beginning of sentences

{image via peace&posies}

this feeling

"understand my heartbeat, murmurs to mock your rhythm"

most likely my favorite quote. sound familiar?  its by Kid Cudi, from his song "whenever"

{taken by Kalle Gustafsson }

Friday, June 18, 2010

Daaang that's a NICE view

Glorious isnt it? That's the kind of view i want when i get my own house. This house was featured in Dwell Magazine, here is the full story on it w/ more pictures

Oh Hello Lovely

{photograph by andreas s. jodin}

Continued Truths & Getting Deep

I do love sharing random facts about myself, but here are some to get to know me better, more personal ones that a random fact like "i love john mayer's voice and his songs" (which i do). so this list is continued from keiko lynn's blog, here is the link to the post that inspired me to keep going with this list .

-- i think i am way too mature for my age.

--i have a twin but i know nothing about them. i was adopted when i was a baby, and all that we know about my twin is that i have one. i dont know if im fraternal or identical, we dont even know if its a boy or girl. i dont really have any "twin" moments, but i wish so badley that i knew my twin, so i could have someone to share my thoughts a feelings with, a super best friend i guess. someone who is my blood who will get where im coming from, and someone who will always be there for me in the end. but we dont even know if my twin lived. but i think i am just fine on my own. i didnt think about it as much when i was younger, but now that our trip back to china is apporaching, and im growing older and more independent, i'll have the occasional thought and wonder.
--i adore little kids and many people have told me i should be a teacher and work with little kids but i dont want to. i feel popous saying this, but i have big dreams for myself and frankly i would like to make more than a teacher makes. wow that sounds so...i dont know, stuck up? but i really do, and i have so much i want to do in life

--click on the link to keiko's blog and scroll down untill you find my comment for another truth.

--you know that one love you will never get over? here's mine. i was in middle school  and extremely shy (read my comment above for the whole story). we locked eyes in 6th grade in the cafeteria and probably held eye contact for only like 5 seconds, but it felt like forever to me. i was the one to break away because i knew he had a girlfriend (gotta love 6th grade relationships!), and thought this would be something like cheating. then i went away for the summer and when school started again the fall, we had three classes together. that fall, we spent it flirting and swooning over each other. i was still shy and didnt quite know what to do with all this affection but he was SO cute and so i liked him back immensly. and i think i didnt realize how much he liked me. but i was too shy, too uncomfortable with myself, too scared to fall for this boy, so when we should have been moving furthur in our relationship, i didnt take the steps. i think he was too shy about it too or somthing, because gradually, we drifed apart. we didnt have any classes with each other in 8th grade and dont in high school. but whenever i see him, i still get butterflys in my stomach, he still makes me swoon. he's the one love i dont think i will ever get over. (unless of course later in life we reconnect, a girl can dream). and as cheesy as this sounds, and im sorry if im making you cringe, but back in 7th grade, he claimed a piece of my heart and took it away with him.

--i dont want to grow up and yet i do, i dont want to loose this innocence, but i want to gain all those expreiences, i dont want to relinquish being carefree without a ton of responsibility, and yet i want to run my own life and live freely as i wish. im scared to grow up and yet its so exciting. but i have to say, i love being a kid even if i am a teenager and john mayer's song "stop this train" says, " so scared of getting older, im only good at being young". this song gets growing up so well

--lastly i hope to god NO ONE i know sees my blog because i like being able to post anonymously(well, somewhat, the things i post are true to me but of course you dont actaully know my identity etc.).

Finally, to anyone who has a secret they're aching to share, or feel so alone because of something, check out Post Secret. Frank Warren started this project a few years back where people could send him their secrets anonymously on postcards and mail them to him. Here is his website, but you should definatly check out the books he's made featuring thousands of the secrets he recives. you dont feel so alone or different after reading them. i promise. look for them at your bookstore.

below, a few samples of what you might find

my heart broke after reading this (above)

so read these and think, do any of them apply to you, what is YOUR secret you would write and send on a postcard? i've already sent in a few of mine ( :

{images via googleimages and postsecret's website}

the view from underneath

As promised from my very first blog post, below are the flower photos i took on a sunny summer day about one year ago. I dont have a nikon or any other fancy photography camera, just a regular old digital one. And yet, i was amazed that i could capture these absolutely stunning photographs of fushias. How did i capture them with the sunlight streaming through? Well, the fushias were in a hanging basket and with the sunlight very prominent, i took the photographs from by taking them from underneath the hanging fushia basket. I didnt actaully duck down below the basket to see what i was getting, i merely stuck the camera underneath.This is  not to say that i didnt position the camera under a cluster of fushias that i wanted to capture though.

My favorite part of the photographs? the detail and the color. When i was in elementary school, my favorite color was fushia ( :

{images via...DIDNT YOU READ THE TOP???}

Thursday, June 17, 2010

use your imagination

If there was a story behind this photograph, i wounder what it would be....

where is she running off to?
is she being chased?
why is she in a gown?
what's with the train tracks?
is the gown for a party....a party with fairies in a forbidden forest that she's late for?

{image via captivate me}

Balloon Wishes

{top: flicker, tinka's fairytale, bottom two: flicker, Lisse Elle}

Seeing Double

{model: Freja Becha Erichsen, editorial by Karl Lagerfeld, images via {this is glamorous}}

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Live It Up

"I belive everything happens for a reason. People change so you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so you can appreciate them when they're right. You belive lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together"

{image via {this is glamorous}, quote i dont know...}

Vera Wang's Fall 2010 bridal collection

love love LOVE, they are the essense of divine

{photos are from Vera Wang's website}

just laugh

laugh, simpily 'cause its good for you

Black & White beauties

Gorgeous dresses on two drop dead gorgeous girls
black dress- Dolce & Gabbana on Blake Lively, at the premiere of "Sherlock Holmes" in NYC
white dress- Burberry on Emma Watson at the Met Costume Insitiue Gala and Exhibition: American Women
probably my two favorite dresses right now

It's a Quote!

"You create the world you live in, never ever  forget that"

wouldn't i love to live here

I would totally move out of my house right now, pack up and travel out to the dutch countryside to live in this bright orange communal living mansion. I think like five families live in this one building. The floor plan is intertwined (its like how you play with legos, different size blocks stacked on top of each other), they have a community garden, each family with its own private plot, and yet with this meshed life style, " we dont nessecarily see each other everyday" Paula van Dijk.
This house was featured in the magazine Dwell, click here to see the full slide show with tons more pictures!