Saturday, June 19, 2010

I will return

My darling blog followers (since my blog is so new, and im so crazy about it, everytime i see a new "follower" i get a burst of happyness, so thank you!), im rather sorry to have to part with my blog for a little bit. I am headed off to Door County for a fun, relaxing week with friends and family. I really do hate leaving it, its like my baby i guess (: im super excited about it and as you can see, i've been posting multiple times a day and have spent many more hours checking out other blogs and updating mine. But to get you through,     (i know, its tough not having lots posts from me everyday haha), i have added two new gadgets.

Color in Motion, is an animation of the colors! i believe it was a project or some sort, but i first saw it in 2nd grade when my art teacher showed it to us. i think its so cute and creative! so check it out!
p.s. the "movie" is the really cool animation i posted that i had coming up in my first post

Secondly, the video, its the campaign ad for Giorgio Armani's new scent Acqua di Gioia. I think it literaly translates to "water of joy" but i dont know, im not italien. actaully i was friends with an italien exchange student this year, she was really cool. but thats beside the point. so i think this ad is so beautiful and inspiring (as the title says), and the music adds just the right emotion. the music, if you want to look it up, is called "arrival of the birds" preformed by the cinematic orchestra. type in "arrival of the birds" on youtube and search it and it will be the first video. more inspiring and emtional music in a later post that  i want to do. anyways, apperently the ad was filmed in Hawaii. The model is the one i was going to post about (i still will) that i promised in my first post , her name is Emily Didonato. she's only 19! anyways, i think she has the most beautiful eyes. And feel free to go to armani's website and watch it there or youtube where it will be bigger.

Allrighty my lovelies. i  am gone for a week and then about 4 days later i fly off to China for 2 weeks! I'll be back home around July 14 and when i post again i will DEFINATLY post pictures of my trip. So do look at those 2 new "gadgets". Bon Voyage to me!

p.s sorry for my irregular capitalization at the beginning of sentences

{image via peace&posies}


L and T said...

Bon voyage! Have a nice trip to China and I can't wait to see the wonderful pictures!

libys11 said...

awesome to know that you're so excited about your blog! :D

have a safe trip! :D

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Ancia said...

I wish you a great trip! Take millions photos please and post them all! I cant wait :)

ApachesPrincess said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip!

The picture is gorgeous!

Also, I have to say, you have the same name as me! Only they are spelled differently. You don't come by a lot of Reyna's or (Reina's)!

Reina said...

Thank you!!
I know, it kind of rare and i LOVE the name ( :

Krystal said...

Have a lovely lovely time! I also love gray and cloud and rainy days :)