Thursday, June 17, 2010

use your imagination

If there was a story behind this photograph, i wounder what it would be....

where is she running off to?
is she being chased?
why is she in a gown?
what's with the train tracks?
is the gown for a party....a party with fairies in a forbidden forest that she's late for?

{image via captivate me}


Krystal said...

this is such a lovely picture.
and I love A Fine Frenzy (on your play list) =)

libys11 said...

that's a lovely photo!!! it can speak about a lot of things!! :D

Animated Confessions

Shukura said...

it is a beautiful picture!

and i cant answe any of your questions.. do you know who took it?


Reina said...

no, ): im sorry i dont know who took it but the image came from the blog captivateme so maybe she'll know?

ApachesPrincess said...

What a beautiful picture fulls of questions that could be answered in a hundred different ways! Thanks for the thoughtful post!