Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i do love starting afreshhh!

welcome to my blog!!! i hope you read my profile so you know a little bit more about me and what i plan to post on this blog. im super excited for my new blog and have a lot i already have in mind that i want to share with you. want a sneak peak? well i have a certain new model who i want to share with you, a really cool animation, some absolutaly stunning flower photographs i took (yes the picture behind my blog title is one i took), and further on in the summer, pictures from my upcoming trip to China, which include a trip down the Lee River, the Great Wall, Beijing and Hong Kong and so much more !!!

to get to know me a little bit better, i'll share with you some of my guilty pleasures ( :

yep, i love the bachelorette/bachelor. i love the amazing dates they go on, the beautiful island in they go to in the end, the drama (who dosent?), and all the dresses and hot guys! below: Ali Fedotowsky, the newest bachelorette, watch now!

Bluphie's Red Velvet Cake. whats not to love? its like everything a cake is supposed to be, chocolatyish, moist, delicious, decedent, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

what else? probobaly magazine websites like fashion and society ones like and vanity but also ones like, etc.

so those are some of my guilty pleasures! i hope you follow my blog and if you do, i promise to fill it with inspiration and posts that make you dream, think, and wonder


L and T said...

The Bachelorette/Bachelor is also one of our guilty pleasure! So far this season is great...Who are your favorites?

Reina said...

well... jesse was super hot but he went home ): but thats okay, he wasnt my choice to win,
but i LOVE roberto he's so sweet and cute, i also like chris (the one from cape code, the birthday boy, idk his last name) he seems so genuine and he and ali seem to have a good connection. we need to have a discussion on the bachelorett!!! kasey is SO OVER THE TOP dumb. i mean dude, you're gonna live with that fricking tattoo forever. im glad johnathan (weatherman haha) went home. he was such a DORK. i also like Ty and Kirk is growing on me. but we'll see how it all plays out ( :

what do you think about it all?