Friday, June 18, 2010

the view from underneath

As promised from my very first blog post, below are the flower photos i took on a sunny summer day about one year ago. I dont have a nikon or any other fancy photography camera, just a regular old digital one. And yet, i was amazed that i could capture these absolutely stunning photographs of fushias. How did i capture them with the sunlight streaming through? Well, the fushias were in a hanging basket and with the sunlight very prominent, i took the photographs from by taking them from underneath the hanging fushia basket. I didnt actaully duck down below the basket to see what i was getting, i merely stuck the camera underneath.This is  not to say that i didnt position the camera under a cluster of fushias that i wanted to capture though.

My favorite part of the photographs? the detail and the color. When i was in elementary school, my favorite color was fushia ( :

{images via...DIDNT YOU READ THE TOP???}


L and T said...

Love those pictures! The colours are amazing!
Thank you for following our blog and I'm looking forward to reading you on your blog.
XO, L.

Reina said...

thanks guys ( :