Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tokyo in a time lapse

The rush of a big cit

Wondering what those things flying in from the sky are (1:56) ?


Isn't that just awsome to see them land in a time lapse?

Friday, August 27, 2010

to fall in love with the world

"If you spend your time falling in love with places, your heart will not be so easily broken"

--quote by me, brilliant idea from Rajat 

 He commented   "ohhh I have been falling in love with people I should fall in love with places.. so it will take long for my heart to break."  on my post look up and let your mind go. And I loved that idea so much.

It's very true no? Unless war happens and demolishes the place you love, or a natural or man made disaster occurs, you'll always have that special place to fall back on. It will be there for the rest of your life.

Well then I must be having a love affair with Hong Kong.

I went to China for two weeks this summer and we spent one glorious day in Hong Kong. I highly reccomend you click here  if you missed my post on the city. It has lots of pictures that solidify Hong Kong being known for its skyline. Here's a taste --

Thursday, August 26, 2010

these relax me.

I think the lighting in these photographs really make these photographs.

I love how in the first one, the back of the girl is dark while the umbrella is illuminated.

In the second one, how you feel like you're up above the world in a fantasy land because of all the clouds in the backround.

In the third one, the sun streaming through and the colors on the left side.

In the fourth one, mmm, I love how her hair catches the light, and the dark and light clouds in the backround.

{all photos via ObsessionMia}

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i cant think of a title because "awards" sounds boring

 So I've been given the versatile blogger  award by Jen from Sprinkled Dreams and the Happy 101 award by Sammi from Sammi Suits!!!

 Thank you gals so much !!!

I guess I'm supposed to tag other bloggers with these awards but I'm thinking that for my 100th post, I'll make my own award and give them out. Kay?
So here are the random tidbits about me I've been tagged to share.

My favorite flavors of ice cream are coffee, cherry vanilla, and mint chip.

I love little kids and am really good with them.

I have a very low tolerance for horror movies (as in it doesn't take much to FREAK ME OUT, all those supernatural, 'ghosts' and pshyco killers - forget it), but LOVE thrillers (cannot wait to see The Town --killer cast, haha no pun intended, Ben, John, Rebbecca and Blake, love you all -- Inception, and Salt)

I'm a very organized person who loves to plan and make lists.

If I could have any mythical creature, I'd want a phoenix. They are quite regal creatures. In China, they symbolize a powerful woman, I'd love to ride through the sky on one and they're based slightly off of the looks of peacocks which are gorgeous birds.

I dont like touching money. What can I say? Its full of germs and makes your hands smell bad!

And lastly, I love my little blog and want to send out a ginormous thanks to all who regularly read & comment on my blog. Seeing I've got a new reader and reading all your comments never fails to send a jolt of happiness through me :D

can't i just stay in bed all morning?

{image via theSteward}

happy tuesday morning.

If I had a bed like this, I don't think you could pull me out of it for the world.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pt. 6 (the finale!) ballerinas in NYC

(love this one too)

(this one's pretty cool)

Part 6 of my ballerinas in NYC posts
photos taken by Dane Shitagi

This will conclude my posts of ballerinas in NYC. Hope you loved all the pictures as much as I did! If you missed the first post, it was titled "Ballerinas in NYC" and there were five other posts following, all with photos of ballerinas in NYC like these, all photographed by Dane Shitagi, and all stunning.

Eventually I hope to get some pictures of me dancing up here ;D

Friday, August 20, 2010

remember this whenever you get nervous

 {photo by Ibai Acevedo}

" When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown up, we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability. To be alive is to be vulnerable"

                      -- Madeline L'Engle

Pt.5 ballerinas in NYC

( this is another one i love)

Part 5 of my ballerinas in NYC posts
Photos by Dane Shitagi


{via captivate me}

{via ObsessionMia}

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pt. 4 ballerinas in NYC

(I do like this one also - above)

Part 4 of my ballerinas in NYC posts
Photos by Dane Shitagi

up in the air

{all photographs via this blog }

Hot air balloons are so dreamy to look at. I especially love the second to last, and last photo. I've never been up, floating above human life in one, but would love to sometime.

Ever been?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pt. 3 ballerinas in NYC


(another photo i LOVE. though, my favorite is still the first one in the first post)

Pt. 3 of my ballerinas in NYC posts
Photos taken by Dane Shitagi

Monday, August 16, 2010

look up and let your mind go

{via ObsessionMia}

Yea, I'd want to lie down and stare up at it too.
Isn't this just the coolest?

A Serious Talk

You know what scares me? The future and my living in it. Because when you look back,  I dont think a hundred years go by without something horrific, and mostorous happening. And often, it happens multiple times.

WW1 and WW2 happened within about 25 years of each other.

As much as I love to dream about my future, and everything that I plan to do, to accomplish, to make a difference for the better, I cant help know something will happen that will alter my plan of course. Its a horrible, sinking feeling and I wish there was something I could do to wash all the hatred away that causes these tragdedies. These tradgedies that everyone looks back on in history and goes "wow, that was horrible, we'll learn from our mistake and make sure it'll never happen again". Ha. My drivers ed teacher nailed it today when she said " you can't fix stupid, and you can't predict psycho" . She may have been talking about driving, but her quote applies to much else. Life, for example.

Did you know that if I live 86 more years I will have lived in 3 centruies and lived more than 100 years?
(if you're going to try to figure out my age from that - I dont even know if you can - but i'll save you the trouble, I'm 15)

After having figured that out only about a week ago, I'm now pretty determined to live it out. Its pretty amazing if you think about it. I can only hope that nothing happens.

 Vanity Fair's September 2010 issue has a poll on their "The 60 Minutes/ Vanity Fair Poll" section with the question "Do you think that Americans of "Generation Y"- generally defined as young people born after 1980- will have a quality of life that is better or worse than that of the baby-boomers?" The ages of people that they polled were; all, <30,  30-44, 45-64, and 65+, and every group had a wide gap between  "better" and worse", and every group voted worse. After reading that I was immediatly pissed, and then I was saddened, and now, I honestly couldnt agree more. When you look back at the centuries that have passed, you see all the death and tradgedies. And because, after all, shit happens.

{photo by Kara O'Keefe}

I know this was a word heavy post -- serious heavy too, and so, if you read it, I greatly appreciate it. I generally dont post things so serious,  but sometimes, there are things that I think deserve to be pondered and thought about in all seriousness. The future, and all that happens in it, will affect everyone and everything.

Pt. 2 ballerinas in NYC

Part 2 of my Ballerinas in NYC posts.
Photos taken by Dane Shitagi

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ballerinas in NYC

If any of you have been to a ballet, or are a ballerina yourself, you'll know how elegant and beautiful the art and sport is. I only wish professional ballerinas would get as much attention as other arts or sports, you never hear about a ballerina in the news do you? Being a ballerina myself, I know first hand that ballet takes a lot of practice, flexibility, coordination, and focus to be good.
But its all worth it. I love dancing.

These next photographs are taken by Dane Shitagi, throughout eight years, trying to capture the essense of the ballerina herself as a person, not as a dancer, with New York City as his backround.

(I'm going to do six parts of these photos because there's so many. Each part will be a post -- I'll spread them out over the week or so with other posts mixed in -- so stay tuned!)

my personal favorite (above)