Sunday, August 15, 2010

much love

Okay, first off, thanks very much to L and T from Our So-Called Life for my first blog award! Happy to be your first follower and love to discuss the Bachelor/Bachelorette with you guys!

Secondly to Vinda Sonata from fashion atelier   for featuring me in her post because I'm reading The Swan Theives by Elizabeth Kostova, which is on her wishlist! Love it so far, and I'll definatly give you my review of it when I'm finished.

Adorable no? And its all made of vegetables!

Last Look Link --  a really fun, colorful, happy, summery photoshoot.  They're such a handsome couple and I love her freckles and his looks!



The Zhush said...

Very cute! And welcome to the blogosphere! Gorgeous header!

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous together! It's so unfair how 2 such beautiful people can be together. Btw you TOTALLY deserve that blog award! I would definitely give you one too because you're always commenting on mine and it makes me so happy and you've got such a lovely blog but I have no idea how they work!
Love the picture, so adorable. :)

shannonnatasha said...

That's so cute & awesome! and the photoshoot is beautiful, I love the colours :) xx

Krystal said...

haha that picture is so cute!!!