Monday, August 16, 2010

Pt. 2 ballerinas in NYC

Part 2 of my Ballerinas in NYC posts.
Photos taken by Dane Shitagi


Rae said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful! And these women are soo talented. I loove it!!


Anonymous said...

Wow...All these are amazing.
The lake ones are mind blowing.
Have a good week.


Anonymous said...

Again, thank you for sharing! Such amazing pictures.
In response to your comment, I love her hair too! That's what made me ask her to model for me :) It was just so gorgeous. Jealous!

Clara said...

lovely pics
amazing blog!

Renee said...

you are more than welcome. In fact I should say thank you for such an amazing blog.

look at all the ballerinas - you are so tiny and elegant and at the same time you are times stronger(and not only physically) than most women.
Sportsmen might be able to lift hundreds pounds on their arms. But balancing and floating around on your toes and being able to control every muscle in your body and make it look so effortless - now that's strength

Murphy said...

Ha, I only got Creator because you reminded me of it!

I've tried to find some clips on YouTube of Highland dancing, and funnily enough, it's really hard to find any clips of Scottish people doing it! Americans and Canadians actually take it more seriously and are much stricter about the rules when competing. These are okay clips, but I don't think they show it off that well. :(

Anonymous said...

These pictures are just wonderful. I really love how it shows beauty blooming in a plain setting. <33

And thanks for commenting on my blog :)

Tania said...

I wish I still danced. I used to do ballet, but my joints are too weak so I can never wear pointe shoes :( I had to stop for other commitments too.
These are so beautiful. Everybody see's ballerinas as simply dancing, entertaining. It's so much more, it's an expression too, you can read so much into it ^^

Sammi said...

These are great. I remember pointe... so much toe and ankle pain, ugh!

Anonymous said...

these pictures are so beautiful! i have always envied ballerinas, it's always been a dream of mine.

rivercat said...

Yes, I commented on the "The Midnight That Lasted Forever" post you made because I was struck by the beauty and honesty of your words.The beauty of the line" pieces of writing that pull words right out of me."...after the honesty and reflection of "i feel like i should post a comment because i loved what you wrote so much, but then feel very unoriginal writing something like "that was so gorgeous" or something."
As much as I liked all the comments, it was yours that rang out to me , glistening and sparkling against the night sky background with forthrightness and integrity. I felt I should mention it, so I posted my comment under yours.

(The "imho" stands for "in my humble opinion" or "it is my personal belief that" such and such is so.)

Yes, I paint cats. The names from Madeline are wonderful cat names. I am not good at Oz trivia but i think you gave away the answer!
Well, thanks for visiting my blog I hope Ive posted in the correct comment box.
ps i usually dont hesitate posting and certainly dont think it has to be original or even good. I do try to put a little thought into my comments sometimes though,but saying "that was moving" or "thanks" or even just to leave a smile is ok by me if thats the way the person feels

Vitori Thinks said...

WOW!!! Those are such amazing photos... Striking and unusual... =) I love the Dane Shitagi's artistry... He is such a passionate photographer and I have nothing but high praises for featuring his work on your blog... =)

ApachesPrincess said...

Wow, these are stunning! I love them! Thanks for sharing, I especially love the ones of the dancers in the water!

Renee said...

thank you for your reply
it was so sweet of you and really touching