Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i cant think of a title because "awards" sounds boring

 So I've been given the versatile blogger  award by Jen from Sprinkled Dreams and the Happy 101 award by Sammi from Sammi Suits!!!

 Thank you gals so much !!!

I guess I'm supposed to tag other bloggers with these awards but I'm thinking that for my 100th post, I'll make my own award and give them out. Kay?
So here are the random tidbits about me I've been tagged to share.

My favorite flavors of ice cream are coffee, cherry vanilla, and mint chip.

I love little kids and am really good with them.

I have a very low tolerance for horror movies (as in it doesn't take much to FREAK ME OUT, all those supernatural, 'ghosts' and pshyco killers - forget it), but LOVE thrillers (cannot wait to see The Town --killer cast, haha no pun intended, Ben, John, Rebbecca and Blake, love you all -- Inception, and Salt)

I'm a very organized person who loves to plan and make lists.

If I could have any mythical creature, I'd want a phoenix. They are quite regal creatures. In China, they symbolize a powerful woman, I'd love to ride through the sky on one and they're based slightly off of the looks of peacocks which are gorgeous birds.

I dont like touching money. What can I say? Its full of germs and makes your hands smell bad!

And lastly, I love my little blog and want to send out a ginormous thanks to all who regularly read & comment on my blog. Seeing I've got a new reader and reading all your comments never fails to send a jolt of happiness through me :D


raeny said...

Oh, as do I! I bad at watching horror movies...they easily give me nightmares for weeks.

And we're also the same with money. Even if it's avoidable, I try to not touch it with my bare hands if I can help it. Or if I do, I always use hand sanitizers/alcohol right after handling them.

Congrats on the awards. ;)

Lulu and the Locket said...

I'm with you on the horror movie front, can't watch them - have my head in my hands throughout the whole film which isn't fun! Going to see 'Inception' tonight, can't wait. Well done on your awards sweetie xx

Amy said...

I don't like horror movies too! Don't like thrillers though, I'm more of a romantic movie kind of person.

And yes, you're right, Tessa and Scott did win gold for ice dancing at the Olympics. =) So proud of them, because I'm Canadian too, we all live in the same province, but different city.

Not to sound stalker-ish, but I took and look at your profile, and you named Jack Johnson as one of your favourite music artists. I LOVE him.

Have a great day!

ching said...

PHOENIX! OMG..me too! that's my most fave creature...well, next to unicorns that is. haha

my love for phoenix came from watching this cartoon called Akazukin Chacha.. it's an anime i watched when i was a kid. lol

congrats on your awards!


Amy said...

Hey, it's me again, because we love to post several times on one post.
I LOVE In Between Dreams, it's such a happy album, and my CD (which is actually my brother's) is already abused, it skips sometimes because we play it so often. To The Sea is good too.
Yay! Another Coldplay fan. =)
I don't remember if I cried while watching Fly Away Home, I might have, but I was in kindergarten then so I don't really know.

Jade said...

CONGRATS ON THE AWARD (whoops, sorry for the caps :))

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I hate touching money too.

Effi said...

Hey, thx for your lovely comment(:
your blog is really nice!
I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:

Jen said...

Wow, I love coffee and mint chip ice cream too! Have you heard of Blue Bunny Ice Cream? They have amazingly unique flavors and they are so good!

As you know, I do work with teens but I also adore little kids! In fact, I used to work in the nursery at church and I have worked with kids in every age group.

I also don't like horror movies, and as you've read, I am also very organized!

Yeah, money is pretty gross. Hand sanitizer!

lancelonie said...

I stopped watching horror movies when I was on 3rd grade. I just had it with thrillers and scary scenes!

Congrats on your award! :)

pearl. said...

thankyou for your lovely comment!
yes we do seem very similar, i used to dance as well :)
lovely blog you have, and congrats on the award!
Pearl xo

Amy said...

Hey, it's me again (of course). The program for uni is Environment and Business, so I guess it's not really related to writing at all. I only started really writing last year when I was doing my victory lap.

If you want, there's a page on my blog titled "Into the Unknown," which is the story that I completed, and was inspired by my own personal experiences. Feel free to check to it.

Athena. said...

Oh, congratulations! and your facts are wonderfully interesting, xxx