Friday, August 6, 2010

my own MYTHS from my CHILDHOOD

I'm sure everyone, when they were a child, believed something or other that they just grew up thinking, and then it turned out not to be true.  Its funny, looking back on them - what i believed was true, and just how wrong i was, or how silly the belief was, or how it just didnt make sense seeing as nature went against it.  These are the myths that i had.

     1. I belived that the world was perfect. I thought we were living in a utopia (of course i didnt think the word utopia, but the idea was the same), and was completely unaware that war existed while i breathed. I knew war had happend--because you learned about it in school--but i had thought that was the past. And when i found out about the wars in the middle east, and the poverty all around the world, it was a shock. It broke my concept of a perfect, happy world, and loged in it, dark and scary things. And it frightened me. I think part of the reason for this, was because I grew up (and am still, but this is talking about my childhood) in America. Of course, not to say there arent horrible things that go in America, but compared to other countries, we're a pretty safe country. For a few years before kindergarten, i lived in a small town. There was nothing bad that i saw, my world was dangerless. Ha. How dead wrong i was. I feel so lucky to grow up in a country much better off than others.
      2. I thought, that if you slept with pillows, you were rich. I have no idea why.

         3. I belived that the amount of oxygen on this earth was limited. I started beliveing this when i learned we breathed out CO2, so, in my defense, it would make sense to a 6 year old that if we used it all up, we would die. Haha, i even remember at one point, taking as small breaths as i could so i wouldnt use up so much oxygen. It scared me for a while, untill i learned what plants and trees did.

    And so you have it; what i conjured up and truely belived.
    What were some of your childhood myths ?

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    The girl of many sorts. said...

    I am new to your blog!
    Great work - SP

    Anonymous said...

    I used to think that when it rained it was God crying, haha I think it was a priest in my church that said that but I took it literally. It's sad how we lose that innocence that protected us, I look at my 7 year old sister and it kinda makes me wish for that unawareness that she has but it's also really sad because she will soon learn about all the crap in the world. Really REALLY great post, btw your name is really pretty and unique. :)

    ~Abby~ said...

    Thanks for the long comment. I love them!
    So I'm following you. Follow me too. :)
    Haha well I used to think the circular bales (like here:,1247484110,2/stock-photo-an-english-rural-landscape-with-circular-bales-of-hay-in-a-meadow-33583084.jpg) of hay in fields is where baby cows were, and then they were born! For some reason I didn't think they were in a mom's stomach. Lol.


    Tamara Nicole said...

    You are soooo cute! Hmmm I believed that if you smelled a good smell it would go inside your lungs and not be around in the air anymore. Silly!!!

    Murphy said...

    I thought the button for lighting cigarettes in cars was a button to eject smokers through the roof of the car.

    A guy I went to school with thought that tigers were female lions :)

    Krystal said...

    haha i like the pillows one, that is interesting!
    I have always tried keeping journals but could never keep them up, this one though is perfect since it's only a few lines a day :)

    Kimmi said...

    I like your blog, the photo from this post is really beautiful. (:


    Anonymous said...

    Awww...You are lovely.
    I thought wearing little shoes would reduce the size of my feet.
    Have a good Sunday!


    Fatima A. said...

    woow beautiful picture!

    Coco said...

    haha these are so cute. I can't remember if I had any funny little myths!

    Indie.Tea said...

    Enchanting post...
    I thought that bugs slept in the closet at night (dont know why), I pretended that I was a t.v. chef, and that everyone loved trees and flowers and the Earth, all of which had feelings. I still think everything has feelings, sometimes.

    Sapphire Black said...

    the limited oxygen thing reminds me of spaceballs (the movie thing that made fun of starwars)