Monday, August 9, 2010

this giraffe raps

FRIDAY NIGHT -- I relaxed and caught up on The Bachelorette episodes i missed. Still have to watch the finale, but i know Roberto was the one Ali choose! Very happy for them.

SATURDAY -- Woke up at 8 and biked down the the farmer's market downtown with my parents.  Favorite thing to do Saturday morning!

My breakfeast at the farmer's market usually consists of 

1. large blueberry & bananna smoothie,
2.  1 or 2 or 3 sugared buttermilk homemade doughnouts,
3.  samples of pasta in different pestos,
4. Colorodo smoked beef jerkey

Its quite delicious. We also bought some gorgeous gladiolas.

The next two pictures are from the market.

Going to the farmer's market downtown on the square around the capitol is always a weekend highlight. Wherever I end up living, they had better have an awsome farmer's market.

So after my farmer's market trip, I went over to babysit for two hyped up little girls. They're bilingual, their dad grew up in Austria so he speaks fluent German, and their mom is fluent as well, so their youngest (she's in pre-school) has trouble with pronunciation. Its  a mix of enlish and german. SUPER hard to understand her. She pronounces "sister" like "kiter". They're both very sweet though.
AND they had just gotten an 8 month golden retriever puppy!!!! It was so freaking cute!!!! I'm normaly a kitty kind of girl, but this puppy just won me over.

SUNDAY -- hello church.

After, we went out to brunch with a group of my parents friends from church at a delicious, swanky new restaurant. I had smoked salmon eggs benedict. It was scrumpcious. They also had homemade sweet potato fries (super good) as well as regular potoato ones.

After that I went out with my friend and we headed downtown -- its an ithmus squished between two lakes and that's where the capitol is. We went down a street popular for all of its quirky stores, clothing stores, and boutiques. My friend needed new jeans from Urban Outfitters, so we went there and while i didnt get any clothes (i had gotten some from there not so long ago), i fell in love with some of the notebooks they had there.  They had tons of sweet notebooks, but here are the two that i got.

I had been wanting to get some notebooks to keep track of my life, because i waste so much paper just making lists and keeping track of things. So these are perfect! I plan to use the strawberry one to keep track of my life with lists, doodles, notes to self, quotes, etc, and the "par avion" ("by airplane" in french) for a fashion notebook. Super excited to start them !!!
After that we sat by one of the lakes and talked about life, got ice cream, and watched the sailboats and windsurfers. It was really nice. Then, we went back to her appartment, hung out and swam in her appartment's pool at night.

So that was my busy, and super fun weekend! Hope you all dont mind reading about my weekend ;P  
hope yours was just as fantastic as mine!

right now -- dont mess with my coffee ice cream. Or my ecclectic music mix from wiz khalifa's "head to the sky" to lykke li's "until we bleed".  Okay, i now actaully have to go practice for my viola lesson later today! Tootaloooo!

oh, the title of this post is entirerly random. i didnt really want to title this post "my weekend" that would be boring.

{top image taken by Alex Prager, the rest are mine}


Krystal said...

fun weekend! and those flowers are so pretty, i want farmers market flowers!

Ena said...

hey :) thank you so much, i am glad to hear, that you like my blog!
really? you want to see Austria, i have never heard, that someone said this :) I am happy about your plan :)
Nono i cant speak english fluent!
I think my english isnt good, but i try to write on english, because i want, that all people can read my blog! English is in my school, my foreign-language :)

Okay! Nice blog too :) With love, Ena

Anonymous said...

Your weekend was so fun, I LOVE flowers and don't be jealous because I live in Europe, one day you'll be here and make sure you visit Lisbon and Porto (all from Portugal).

Krystal said...

i loved your answer to the quote! your energy makes me happy and is inspiring, i hope you do it all!!! get started :)

Kimmi said...

:P And I wish I could speak better english as I do now. :D
But we see our photos, and yours are beautiful. : )


Jennifer said...

that sounds like a fantastic weekend! i love the picture by alex that you used and your pics of the flowers were so colorful! :D

Catita said...

your blog is lovely and i love how you change colors! plus your images are great and nice to stories to share!

Waffellebelgium said...

i am totally addicted to paper and note books like crazy so i totally love the par avion note book!

la petite coquine said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog-I'm looking forward to getting to know you better on yours!

Dancing Branflake said...

What an awesome weekend! Puppies and flowers are just so amazing! And a night with a good friend just makes everything feel right.

Anonymous said...

Super fun weekend, I adore and flowers and notebooks !! Oh and Urban Outfitters :D

Cassidy said...

that strawberry notebook is SO cute! i want it! and lately i've been keeping track of my life in a notebook too :)

T E H R E N A N A I I S said...

darling girl! i got your letter and am so excited to write you back!!!!! i will mail it this friday when i have extra money [so broke right now] but oooh i cant wait!!!!!

ps - the pictures are in frames! and will move with me to my knew home thank you so much!