Thursday, June 16, 2011

its burning to the ground

How many of you have seen the website The Burning House? Its been making the rounds and I find the concept completely fascinating. I've never really thought about what I would take with me if, my house were to, god forbbid, start burning to the ground, destryoing my life in belongings.

This website is reader submitted, each reader submits a picture of the collection of belongings that they would save in the emergency of a fire. Here are some;

Lol, I love the Harry Potter books too, but those are repaceable

Adorable kitten!

As to what I would take, first and foremost I would save our four kitties, and then move on to my personal stuff.
So here's the picture of stuff I would save!

             > That flower picture currently hangs in my room next to my bed. It is made with cray pas (an oily kind of crayon that is stickier)  on white paper, so that black is entirely colored. I made it in 7th grade art class and absolutly LOVE it. I'm  oh so proud of it :D 

             > My grandmother gave me that white dove necklace, up close there is a lot more detail, but you get the idea. I'm really close to my grandma and that  necklace is honestly one of my favorites. When I asked her where she got it ( I think she was cleaning, found it and then proceeded to give it to me) she said she didn't remember so who knows where she picked it up. But I treasure it.

             > Ahhh, my diaries. Honestly, if I only had time to grab a few things, those would be it. I've been keeping a diary since 2nd grade (the first entry date is March 2002) and my entire life is recorded in those journals, my thoughts, emotions, reflections etc. I want to be able to read back on what was going on in my life. 

              The viola ! Yeah I would do my best to save this thing. Its pretty expensive and I'm used to my instrument (sizeing, sound, feel, strings etc) . Plus, I would still  have rehearsal and I'd really rather not have to borrow and instrument and buying a new one would take time and energy and I think dealing with a fire would be more important than a new viola...

              > Lastly, the shirt that I got in Hong Kong last summer. It's got a unique Hong Kong feel to it and is one of my favorite shirts.
              > Not pictured, but things that I would bring would be my journal I kept in China, and my ipod. The journal because I really didnt record much in my main diaries, and my ipod because all my music is on there, and it would take a lot to re-get the music. And I listen to music like 24/7 so it would be a nice thing to have after the trauma of a fire.

So... what would you save? And be sure to visit the actual website that also includes people's reasoning for the saving items in their picture.


Isabel said...

lovely photos!

maggeygrace said...

Wow!!!! This is SO nifty. I love how artistic and how much thought are put into all of these photos. I love your belongings! I used to play the violin and I loved the instrument so much. That dove necklae is beautiful, too! I would take.... my journals. My favorite necklace (that my grandma gave me also!). My favorite dress. My signed Taylor Swift boots.

Now I so badly want to do this project! I may need to bookmark your post!

Krystal said...

oh my gosh, that is an awesome blog/site!!