Friday, June 10, 2011


Okay. So maybe its not summer for you but it is for me!
That means no school, and back to 'full time' blogging for me !!
Something I am VERY excited to get back to.

Here are just some pictures that remind me of summer

 lazy hammock daydreams

Delicious popcicles & ice cream

Amusing adventures with friends

Peaceful early mornings

An abundance of sun, swimsuits and water

Late nights for dancing

Reading lots of books & magazines


Oh, I am so ready! And so ready to get back to more regular blogging! And I think im going to make some adjustments to my blog layout/features. We shall see. All in good time, all in good time. Something that summer gives plenty of.

And two summer flicks I am dying to see are Super 8 -> I love sci-fi and adventure and Midnight in Paris -> France is my dream . Both are made by big time directors so they should be pretty amazing. Any reviews?

Well then my little pretties (as the wicked witch of the west said) until tommorow!!!


♥Elizabeth♥ said...

I love your blog! it's so relaxing! I came here and saw your banner and it was so summery looking and then I hear the music..I think I'm going to subscribe to you haha

I would love if you could sneak a peek at my blog! I am aiming for 50 followers by the end of June :)

♥Elizabeth♥ said...

I commented back to your comment on my blog just to let you know :)

Emily said...

Such a lovely post! I can really empathize! I have summervacation in about 2 weeks, and I CAN'T wait!! =D

love your blog, If you want you can take a look at my blog too.
xoxo Emily