Friday, July 23, 2010

Cultural Notes: clothing

 Don't ask me. i have no idea. we were at an airport, and  my dad saw this t-shirt in a kids store. It is just odd, wierd, and ridiculous. both finding this in a kids clothing store and just the shirt itself. it makes absolutly no sense. Its just a strange case, this one...

Nevertheless, on the note of clothing, lets talk about the clothing in China. Or lack thereof. I guess modesty isnt a big thing among everyone in China, because the men, all over China, like everywhere (of course, except Hong Kong)  dont feel the need to keep their shirts on. It was a suprise... another thing thats different.  I can plainly see why, its dang HOT in China. But man, all those tan stomachs. It wasnt all bad ( : but there were definataly some bellies out there you didnt wish to see. 

Now about the women. They all wear heels. Everywhere. Whether they're on a mopad or on the back of a bike, or walking, you see them on them everywhere. Of course not all the women wear them (im talking the elderly and the women who didnt wear heels, and the kids), and if they didnt, they were generally a nice shoe. I dont think i saw anyone wearing a tennis shoe.  The women in China all seem to have a fashion sense, and dress that way too. I saw so many killer outfits and clothes... ahh!

The clothing in China was very westerized. I guess i hadn't given it much thought, but i wasnt suprised really.

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Krystal said...

thats funny about the shirts-
also, i wish i could wear heels all the time! i keep opting for flats though :)