Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cultural Notes: the Beds in China

  The beds, consitent in hotels throughout China, all had very hard materesses, and very soft pillows. it was like sleeping on a rock while your head rested on a straight feathers. Personally, i prefer meduim pillows and a more springy materess. As for covers, they all had a single down comferter. Thats exactly how i sleep, a single, fluffy down comferter, i dont like all the sheet buisness, so the cover part they had exactly right.


portraying taylor ashley said...

thats awesome. i plan on visiting one day so hopefully its soon, i was adopted by my dad when i was 4, and i dont know anything about my biological dad, i wish he was from somewhere cool. but i doubt it haha. but that is really awesome !!

Krystal said...

they do the single down comforter in a lot of europe i think! it how it is in switzerland :) kind of fun :)