Saturday, July 17, 2010

Li River Cruise, China

(a little waterfall)
(water buffalo)
(Me, as you can see, the wind was blowing my hair all over)

NOTE- the posts of my trip to China will not necessarily be in the order in which i did them. the Li river was once of the last things i did. i just decided to start with this, i dont know why.

-It was very hard to edit down from all of my photographs-
Guilin, China. About an hours drive from the city of Guilin, you can take about a 4 hour boat cruise down the Li river. The mountains and karsts (huge rock formations that just rise up and are generally very steep, if not veritcal), are covered in green and stand extremely majestically on either side of you. The day we went, the weather was perfect (in my opinion), it was pretty much cloudy the whole time, the sun would peek its face through sometimes. I spent most of my time on one of the three decks, usually the top, where its especially windy. The strong wind feels nice though, its HOT in China even on the river with cloud cover. The view was spectacular, and it was so very peaceful. Definatly reccomend this if you plan in your lifetime to go to China.


:. Maddieson .: said...

Wow, seems like a beautiful trip ! Your pictures are stunning too :]

Krystal said...

i can't imagien the time you'll have editing, choosing pics - I take like over 100 on some silly outings, haha :) these are amazing!

portraying taylor ashley said...

its so beautiful ! im jealous ill deffinately have to check it out ! when i go to china that is, hahah
and im so glad you love traveling too, its my dream to be able to travel all over the world.

portraying taylor ashley said...

follow me and ill follow you [: we can talk more, im in love with my blog the way you are with yours which i love !

Cole said...

So beautiful! My husband was in China the summer that we met. He always talks about going back. Lovely blog. And love your music selection.

:. Maddieson .: said...

I was also wondering,, how did you get your playlist on here ?? I have been trying to get one ever since I got a blog?? Would you mind telling me how ?
Oh and P.S. I LOOOOVE your music choice so similar to mine !! Specially the first one ugh makes me feel so much !!