Saturday, October 6, 2012

With only a month left...

So unless you are not living in the U.S or you are somehow very removed from society, you should know that America is in the midst of  a full blown political race to the White House. And we could possibly have a new president reigning over America for the next four years. Or hopefully not. 

Anyways, on Thursday Mr. President visited my hometown beautiful hometown of Madison, WI. And so on Thursday, almost a third of the kids at my darling high school skipped school and traipsed downtown to Bascom Hill in hopes of seeing or shaking hands with the the president. I unfortunately was not as close as I'd hoped, and the wait was long, but when Obama came out it was like a burst of ecstasy and exhilaration to see the most powerful man in the world step onto the platform, smiling and waving to the absolute mass of people. And GODNESS his speech was more lively and invigorating than the debate the night before. Though people, let's not be too harsh on Mr.President because my AP Government & Politics teacher said he was just off the campaign trail, only having like one day to prepare while Mitt Romney had been holed up in Denver for four days previously, preparing. And also, this debate was Obama's to loose and Romney's to win so of course Romney was going to try to be  lively and a bit more aggressive, trying to make up for his coming up short in the polls. It would not have looked good for the president to have come off as aggressive as he was in the lead, one political spectators in the post-debate show said he could have come off as a bully. Okay. Enough of my getting sidetracked. 

So for this rally, I did not bring my camera, we only took pictures on my mother's iPhone (not spectacular ones at that because we were so far away) but standing in line, I did aquire some very funny  anti-Romney stickers;

Okay, So I know the orange one is hard to read, but it says "Are you under 30? DON'T VOTE paid for by Wall Street Billionaires for Mitt Romney. 

And another funny sticker I saw but didn't have a chance to get was " Mitt Romney for President of the Cayman Islands" Which, if you don't get, is poking fun of Romney because a lot of billionaires or excessively  rich people have offshore accounts so they don't have to pay taxes on them. Which is why Mitt has offshore accounts on the Cayman Islands.

So enough of my wordy, long political post, but I just needed to get it out there. Also, fun fact- 4 years ago I met Michelle Obama when she came on the campaign trail! My mother and I had biked downtown and somehow ended up in the front row and then she came around to shake hands and I got to hug her and shake her hand and talk a tinsy minuscule amount to her! I have pictures, but they're on my other computer... ( I got a new mac for college which I am HIGHLY enthused about).

On a last note, get out here and VOTE VOTE VOTE (for Obama, unless you think that the government should decide what women do with their bodies and think the very wealthy should get tax breaks). 

For fun, here's a link to a sweet Obama stamp- Obama stamp

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Nate said...

My facebook has been littered with USA politics lately. Which is stupid, because it's all coming from Australians.

And I'm thinking... Is there any difference between Australians debating USA politicians and teenage girls debating the merits of Team Edward and Team Jacob?

The answer made me sad.