Sunday, September 30, 2012

So The Avengers...

 So here they are....

And here's what I think of them. Well, of their movie. 

I think there are two types of superhero movies.  A superhero movie with integrity, and a superhero movie made up of just muscle and action. The Avengers is of the latter type. Which is not altogether bad don't get me wrong, but it falls into the usual plot basis of other "just muscle and action" movies where the only plot element, is basically DEFEAT THE BAD GUYAND SAVE THE WORLD!!! Which is all The Avengers really was, and nothing more. The director and producers certainly packed this movie full of kick-ass moves, and glued-to-the-screen fight sequences, which is probably what drew the crowds in to break box office records (to which I thankfully did not contribute to, considering I just watched this on DVD last night). And as for the IMDb rating of 8.5/10, I disagree, and would myself, probably give The Avengers like a 7.2/10 or something, because all it was was two hours of action, and granted, some very amusing, dry, comments from Tony Stark.  Also... The whole tesseract problem was not a particularly creative, new or interesting problem, although the turtle things that fly in at the end were pretty cool. 

Oh, and Chris Hemsworth has a dead sexy voice. 

And that's all! But if you want a fantabulous superhero movie with integrity, go watch The Dark Knight Rises, an absolute thrill ride, and one of my favorite movies. Not mention the fact that Catwoman 100% out-does the Blackwidow.

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Nate said...

I totally agree with your two hero movie classifications! I liked the Avengers- I thought they went in knowing they were gonna be an 'all brawn no brain' movie and they did that extremely well. There's nothing worse than an action flick trying too hard to be 'deep'.