Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where I've Been

HELLO there!
So I've been gone for the past two weeks, in well, I think you can guess the city by the picture below...

Yes, the ridiculous New York City.
I was on a mission trip with my youth group and we were working with Project Hospitality on Staten Island, helping in the food pantry, serving meals, unloading deliveries of food, and any other odds and ends. Oh, and we worked a sweet food drive at a local grocery store. It was a fabulous experience and trip, talking to the homeless people that frequent the pantry, listening to their stories and conversing with them. I learned so much from them. And the nights and day we took to visit Manhatten was wonderful. We took a tour of Ground Zero (a really emotional tour that I highly reccomend), went to the Rockerfeller Center and took a tour of NBC studios (we saw the set of Saturday Night Live!), went to Centeral Park & got ripped off on hot dogs ;D, went to the observation deck up high in the sky at the Empire State Building at night, and of course saw the one and only, Times Square at night. Oooo, I am definatly heading back the the city.

So these shots are all taken by Evan Joseph, who worked closely with a pilot to get the phenomonal ariel shots that show off New York City's glory from the sky.

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Nate said...

Those pictures are amazing!