Sunday, August 28, 2011


So yesterday, after a delightful morning run to the farmers market, I spent the afternoon weeding our backyard. Which, prior to the massive weeding session, looked a little bit like the jungle's cousin.We have prarie with all your usual prarie grasses, flowers and plants, which, like most grasses, flowers and plants are very tall grasses, flowers and plants. That overgrown mess, along with the trumpet vine that was invading the space of our newly planted rasberry plants, took most of our afternoon.

Despite all of the strenuous work that sometimes comes along with a garden, having one truly pays off. The prarie grows right in front of my parents' bedroom window and so when you look out, its a beautiful, up close view of the prarie. And of course, all of the tomatos, beans, flowers, raseberries and whatnot, definatly pay off.

Below is a gorgeously shot video of gardening from the blog tiger in a jar

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