Wednesday, February 9, 2011

until summer

I have been thinking that this blog shall become a summer one.
I just never seem to be able to find the time to blog!
Its not that I've forgotten
I am infact very fond of the blogging world and keeping up with other people's blogs and such
Alas, time is not on my side for me to do this.

But don't leave!!!
Think of this blog as.... dormant
Thats a good word

My blogging frenzy will pick up again in the summer so...


( and in the meantime, I will be stockpiling a whole plethera of good stuff to blog about!)


sanchez said...

cannot wait till you come back.
be good, be kind be safe.

Krystal said...

yes, come back soon :)

Vinda Sonata said...

come back soon, reina
you'll always have my support ! :)

Jenmarie said...

Alrighty, sounds good! We'll see you then!

lisa said...

Stephen oh Stephen
This ,your therapist will get a chuckle out of all I copied ,ha ha

You Keep on pushing that mind of yours
one day sweetie ,you will be rich and famous ,you will be remembered !!

just think sweetie ,you be able to afford ,your new love ,without mommy ,supporting you both ,
Or just maybe ,your mommy could high your new love as her new maid ,and she will fit right in with all that are care takers of her yard

you little devil you ,this fame in creation is so rewarding and touching ,How you spend wasting Time to create such Rewarding Fame for me ,Wow!! you are amazing man ,now writing a novel ,how do you find the time

have a nice life aaron,anwii,awniii40,Rob,calkid,oh silly me ,I forget ,you have many user names and male or female ,just so convincing ,you make all look like pretty little Idiots

isn't life perfect ,I think so

today is great ,you look so stupid aaron ,as you just don't hold the facts about nothing smiling
Get a Divorce sheeshh