Friday, January 7, 2011

nature's serenity

Take a deep breath... and watch

Artistically filmed, this peaceful video calms our minds and shows us the beauty and wonders of the Redwood forests.


Krystal said...

WOW i loved it. Hope you are doing well!!

Vinda Sonata said...

that's really a stunning, such a magical one. i imagined traveling a fairy forest somewhere in final fantasy world when i watched it.
anyway, your replies are always great, reina. thanks a lot !
thanks for sharing about that gorgeous staying place in HK too. i really love HK, it had stolen my heart as well and i plan to come back there soon :)

SOFIA said...

wonderful blog!
"little fashion illustrator"

Caroline Cakewise said...

Your blog is so, so lovely - so full of prettiness, magic and thought-provoking treasures. Thanks so much! :) xxx

belle Armed said...

wow, I loved it, absolutly loved it.

Thank you for posting it.