Saturday, September 11, 2010

you have always wanted to know what would happen if this occured

Amy Krouse hung exactly 100 George Washingtons on this tree to create the well known phrase the "money tree"

I'm trying to guess what I would have done. Hmmm, if I was by myself, probably stop if I had time and laugh a little, then go over and look at the dollar to see how it was attatched to the tree, then once I saw the note , stop to read all (well, not all) the messages on the dollars. After that, I'd probably pick one or two nice, ripe dollars off the tree for myself!

Oh man, another week without blogging. I promise, once my fall schedule settles in (all my dance classes begin this week and my Youth Sypmhony Orchestra had the first rehearsal this morning) and we get our house back in order (we're getting a new bambaoo floor in our house and are re-doing our bathroom so our house has been in disarray for a month or two) my blogging will become more regular.


Athena. said...

Oh, this is such a lovely idea!
And yes! Ten-Mile Stereo and Walk in The Park are on my little Beach House album, and I adore them!
Love, Athena. xxx

-marta said...

great video, a very interesting idea :)

Jade said...

ha ha, i'd do the same thing as u would! love this idea...