Saturday, September 4, 2010


This is a graphic print poster I recently bought. Its done by Nikki McClure and there are so many more prints she does that I love, all with a single word, and than an image that illustrates it.
What drew me to this one, is that it draws the viewer into the picture because its you witnessing it. We witness many of things in life like this so I find that this poster speaks for a lot of those instances.
 I also like how its a little grittier - the cat with a bird it killed in its mouth.

 realize that I  haven't posted for a week. Goodness. I've been busy with the start of school, and honestly, sometimes I just dont feel like going on blogger or going on the computer. Actaully, I haven't been on the computer for a week! That's an accomplishment for me. So for future reference,  just know that if I haven't posted for a while, I didn't abbandon my blog, I'm just on a little break  :D


ching said...

wow..such a strong image.
sad but that is life.

Renee said...

I love it and I feel it
hmm... probably I need to get one for myself ))) I would never find it without you, so thank you)))
and congrats on staying off the computer. I missed your posts but it's always so good to give yourself a break from technologies )

A.M.D said...

Love the image, v edgy-chic. Great find! x

A.M.D said...

Love the image, v edgy-chic. Great find! x

Ms. Ladypug said...

very stunning image!
staying off a computer is a good thing ;)
i hope you had a good week

Vinda Sonata said...

the image and the colors are really powerful! thanks for sharing reina :)

Krystal said...

that's such pretty picture, nice purchase, i love it!!

Ctoonz said...

i get it! the cat eats the bird right? haha :)