Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Into the Realm of Meryl Streep

Jennifer Lawrence

I cannot come up with enough words to describe how much how fucking astronomically huge Jennifer Lawrence has and will become, jetting her straight into the realm occupied by Meryl Streep and the other legends. I have the HUGEST girl crush on her. Just watching youtube clips of her giving her signature hilarious and candid interviews is an instant mood lightener for me, an honor only otherwise held by Harry Potter and a few other select wonders in this life. 

And honestly, Jennifer Lawrence has just finished laying the foundations for her hollywood empire. She will have a career and a place in hollywood for the rest of her life. Not to mention numerous Oscars (her first starting on Sunday, fingers crossed!) and awards. Anyways, just wanted to say how much I love the girl. 

Here's a beautiful montage of her films with the full scene of her showdown of Robert DeNiro from Silver Linings Playbook and Rue's death scene from The Hunger Games. Enjoy it.

Lawrence Montage Final from Hollywood Elsewhere on Vimeo.


Lauren said...

I also adore Jennifer Lawrence! She is incredible and I'll be rooting for her to win her first Oscar this month. x

Ivana said...

Jennifer is definitely the most talented, down-to-earth and the funniest actress of her generation! It's so refreshing to watch and read her interviews (compared to, for example, to always moody miss Stewart). I'm sure she has the biggest career ahead of her, and I'm happy to follow along to see what she's got up her sleeve :)
I'm glad I've stumbled upon your blog, and learned that we share these same opinions :) I'm happy to be your newest follower!

Have a wonderful Monday!

xx Ivana

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