Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let's Talk About Love

As its the month of love... I thought we could do a post about love to hopefully warm your hearts in this chilly winter season that February brings. 

First off... I have never seen any of the previous movies, but really want to see Before Midnight. It's gotten rave reviews from after its initial showings at the Sundance Film Festival, and early thoughts for Julie Deply to get an Academy Award as best actress for her performance. What other romantic movies do you guys love? Here are some of mine

The English Patient
Blue Valentine
P.S I Love You
Pride & Prejudice
(And though they're not strictly romance)
Howl's Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke

Secondly... here's a blog devoted to the stories and woes of love with many a heart-melting images. Its called le love

Wow! Isn't this crazy!?

Thirdly...Last week a lovely blog called A CUP OF JO had a post on how couples met. I honestly spent a good hour reading all of the comments as they warmed my heart so much. Here's the LINK and maybe add your own? Happy heart warming!

Well I can think of somebody who pertains to this, though I didn't strictly "lose" him. The last sentence is very fitting however.

Have you guys seen Moonrise Kingdom ?
      Its an adorable tale of young love. Very whimsical and visually stunning. Great soundtrack too. 

And lastly... something I think everyone will enjoy. A beautiful short film to lift everyone's spirits about love. Enjoy! 
(Its also Oscar-nominated!)     

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Shoko said...

aw, what a lovely post, and your list of movies is so good - i love pride & prejudice, too! also, thank you for your baby name suggestions the other day - maddox is a great one! :)