Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Beauty of Ballet

So for those of you who remember last summer, when I had my Ballerinas in NYC posts (for those that missed, go to my archives sidebar and look under August, you'll find all 6 posts there), I am having a similar one right now! There are only going to be two posts this time, but they still capture the beauty of ballet. The photographer is Vihao Pham.

But first... I am opening the two posts with a gorgeous video of Janie Taylor a prima ballerina for New York City Ballet flitting about in Chole's dance inspired spring/summer 2011 collection. The video is quite mesmerizing and (I couldn't help but notice) Janie's hair floats about and is honestly also marvelous to watch.

P.S, if the video takes a long time to load or its a little sparactic, click here to watch it (or if you just want a bigger screen & smoother streaming)

So now for the photos

My favorite photo is the last one


Anonymous said...

I was just about to link you to The Ballerina Project, and I checked out those posts you were talking about only to see that they were photos from the project! Haha.

That video was absolutely gorgeous. Not only was the dancing spectacular, but I loved the the camera mimicked the moves and feeling of the dance.

I love the last photo as well. :)

Thanks for sharing!


Krystal said...

wow those first two are my faves!

Anonymous said...

love the dancing! makes me wish I didn't quit ballet when I was 9 :(

Daiane said...

wow, so pretty! i love the second photo!

Come & visit :)

Chelsea Lane said...

that video is SPECTACTULAR. completely memorizing, probably one of the most beautiful things I've seen in my life. when it ended I wanted to see more! :)