Sunday, April 10, 2011

love & flowers

As I create this post, a dangerous storm outside is brewing, growing more ferocious behind the curtain of clouds.

I cannot wait for the curtain fall.

{pictures are from assorted blogs, the last one is taken by maggie harrsen as are the quotes, the drawing is from the blog Igor + Andre, the series on tulips is from the blog JULIA. I unfortunatly do recall where the other two pictures are from}


Caroline Cakewise said...

Your blog is the perfect mix of style and substance - it's so pretty and I love it!! :) xx

Krystal said...

aww these are such gorgeous pictures, every single of one of them. I hope you enjoyed the storm :)

-marta said...

aaah this is such a gorgeous post. All those pictures are so lovely :)


Redcherii said...

Those pictures are pretty inspiring and somehow is boosting my happy mood. Love it! :D

Check out my blog and follow it if you like :)

xx Redcherii

Eeshie said...

Your blog is so pretty. So, SO very pretty.

Vinda Sonata said...

great last closing passage. i really like the last sentence "i cannot wait for the curtain fall"
really inspiring :)